School Security Guard (SB 1626)

Guard w baton



3-Day Training consists of 24 hrs. (over a 3 day schedule) of Classroom Theory


1. Role and Responsibility of School Security Officer (4 HRS.)

2. Laws and Liability (8 HRS.)

3. Security Awareness in the Educational Environment (3 HRS.)

4. Mediation/Conflict Resolution (4 HRS.)

5. Disasters and Emergencies (1 HR.)

6.Dynamics of Student Behavior (3 HRS.)

7. Examination (1 HR.)

24 Hours Total

All Security guards or school security officers employed by a school district more than 20 hours a week must complete SB 1626 training (Business and professions Code 7583.6 (a&b) and 7583.45). All remaining references to code sections are to the Business and Profession Code, unless specifically stated otherwise.

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COST: $250.00